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Name: Ratha FireSong
Characters: I tend to play Mairon, normally referred to as Sauron.
Contact: PM me on here, or send me an email to rinny0222@gmail.com
Musebox: None (I do not know what that is, new to this site)

Seeking: I am seeking someone to play either a) Melkor (known as Morgoth on Middle Earth). Formerly a Valar but turned into a Dark Lord of Middle Earth. Or b) The Valar Smith Aulë. He is the creator of the race of Dwarves and a smith. Mairon was Maiar to Aulë before he was corrupted by Melkor.

Verse Ideas: I was thinking along the lines for Melkor/Mairon is how Melkor corrupted Mairon to his side. This and that from the book The Silmarillion like when Melkor was imprisoned with the Valar. Also open to AU of the two being reborn and finding each other again. Do not mind if the Melkor you play is hard, cruel and dark. That is normally expected.

For Aulë/Mairon, it would be their relationship as smiths together before Melkor corrupted him. More so an AU of sorts since the pairing is not really gone into detail in the book. Also can play around with a lot of ideas. Modern AUs are fine.

Other: A requirement is lit roleplay only. Forgive me if that sounds rude but that is what I am use to as a writer. I use these roleplays as a muse for my fanfiction work. Another is that you have either read the book, willing to research, or know the Valar and histories alright enough to roleplay. I can teach you about it if we need to talk more. I'm very flexible with my partners and understand if you have never tried to read this book. It is a heavy read...it really is...

Roleplay location will be either between email or journal. I can talk about that more when you contact me.

This roleplay might have a bit of mature themes if that is okay. We will talk more about that in private. Mostly I'm in this for story line! I love a good plot.

Hope someone sees this!


ratha_firesong: this art does not belong to me, but the face and character does (Default)

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